Video/Image asset management software (payware)

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Rob Ainscough

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Video/Image asset management software (payware)

PostMon Oct 09, 2023 11:44 pm

For decades, I've always just organized my video footage in folders on my NAS and/or computer(s).

I've tried Adobe Bridge as a tool to help me search and quickly identify footage I might be interested in, but it's typical Adobe trash, full of bugs that don't get fixed and horrible user interface.

I'm looking at this tool called Fast Video Cataloger, but not having much lucky with Google search on other tools, they all seem to be cloud based (don't want).

Ideal features:
1. Search (filename, frame height, file type, codec, frame rate, audio type, and any meta data entries)
2. Search Results can then be further filtered
3. Search Results can (multi-select) then be moved to a different location on my NAS or networked computers
4. Search Results videos can be previewed quickly
5. Search Results videos can be open in more detail and time markers tags added (more meta data addition)
6. Search Results can be sent to other media conversion tools I have

Suggestions welcome!

Cheers, Rob.
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Re: Video/Image asset management software (payware)

PostMon Nov 20, 2023 9:32 pm

Hello Rob,
Did you try Digikam (open source)? It's more image-oriented I think, but may be worth checking out.
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Re: Video/Image asset management software (payware)

PostThu Nov 23, 2023 1:45 pm

Hey Rob,

I can relate to your struggle in finding the right video asset management tool. It sounds like you need a solution that's robust yet intuitive, and not cloud-based. Have you considered trying out ACDSee Video Studio? It's known for its efficient organization and powerful search capabilities, aligning well with your requirements. It allows you to search based on various parameters like file name, type, codec, and meta data, and you can easily filter and move your search results.

Another option might be CyberLink's PowerDirector. It's a bit more editing-oriented but comes with excellent asset management features.

I hope one of these suggestions fits your needs! (If you still need any suggestions :) )
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Re: Video/Image asset management software (payware)

PostMon Nov 27, 2023 5:22 pm

I have used a solution called CatDV for this purpose. Best for logging and cataloging, and the number of options is huge.

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