USB3 Chipsets

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USB3 Chipsets

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 8:19 pm

Almost a year ago I needed more usb ports in my Workstation.
I picked up a cheap USB3 card, with a Resnasas chipset .. it sucks.

I have 120G Vertex3 SSDs which work successfully in my Hyperdecks.
This tells me the drives are fast enough for recording .. I cannot play back (no where near it) either DNxHD or the uncompressed via the resnasas card .. yet I can with the same drive plugged into eSata on my laptop.

Does anybody have any knowledge of pros/cons of various USB3 chipsets.
I guess it could be the dock rather than the card .. I have tried 3 USB3 docks, so am asking if anybody knows of any issues with the chipsets
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