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I need a help in getting a BMCC. I am ready to pay more then the official price. But the problem is that i am in Russia, so it is difficult to buy even from ebay (for example even if price is ok for me i can not make such amount payment because of limitation from my Bank / or PayPal / or whatever i don't know). Also the Russian Postal Service is working terrible bad.
So if you can help me somehow, i will pay you kinda "commission fee". Or if you know someone who got the camera from the BMD, but now is ready to sell it with higher price, please let me know. The best solution is if you are in Germany (because of cheap flights St-Petersburg - Berlin), but other Countries are also ok i think.
The fact is that i've tried Ebay.com 2 times but it's not working for me. But i can come by myself into your city and make pay by cash for example. Please pm me if you could help.

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