Need advise for upcoming commercial - Slide timelapse

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Need advise for upcoming commercial - Slide timelapse

PostWed Jan 24, 2018 10:26 pm

Hi all,

I have recently purchased a BMMCC and a load of accessories to get it up and running including a Metabones BMPCC ef adapter.

So Far loving the camera!

i have a upcoming shoot which involves a scene where the camera is on a slider moving away from a Hat stand. A boy puts his hat on the lowest holder on the stand, and the scene starts.
I want to make this shot a timelapse type shot, where the hat starts at the bottom of the stand, and slowly goes up the stand simulating the boy getting older.
From what i have done in the past, i think i will do 1 take of the slider with each position of the hat, totaling maybe 8 shots with each shot the hat in a new position.
Then in post i would fade the shots together in line with the exact slide position to make it seemless.

NOW - here is where i am not sure what to do -
I would like background things to change, such as things moving and things changing in a rapid sense, as this scene is supposed to simulate time passing as the hat goes up the stand and boy gets older.

I have seen this effect in the past, but i am not sure how to pull it off...

Any suggestions about anything in this scene?

Much appreciated.


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Re: Need advise for upcoming commercial - Slide timelapse

PostTue Feb 20, 2018 1:13 pm

i was wondering if the woorflow is similar to hyperlapse, or if davinci has made some kind off new feature regarding hyperlapse footage,.. anyone know anything,.. cant find anything on hyperlapse in this forum,. Regards/ Brian


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Re: Need advise for upcoming commercial - Slide timelapse

PostTue Feb 27, 2018 10:01 pm

I would shoot the hatstand and and hat on a chroma background. Then shoot the background plate with various actors moving across and changing items in the shot. Then I would do a time remap with significant motion blur. This would give you that soft motion of people flying through the background and the background changing over time. You might need to do several shots of people walking between the hat stand and the camera and apply that effect between the hat moves so that the hat stand seems like it is "in" the environment with people walking around it.

That's my nickel worth of ideas.

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