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Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:51 pm
by Thomas Seewald

here in forum, we made a lot of feature requests. But we got no reply from BM. What about our ideas for ATEM mixers and hyperdecks ? Has BM planned to realize some of it ? Does BM work on any new features ? On Which ?

When I read here, I see a lot of people, working in churches and schools. They have old equipment, but want to go to to digital video. ATEM mixers were a good way, but when adding all needed converters, it becomes a expensive solution. For connecting a good old camera to ATEM, a converter for more than a price for a small consumer HD-camera is needed... When different resolutions are used, I need additional up-down-cross converters....

So please try to devellop a SD-analog to digital converter with upconvert, SDI and HDMI-Out for a price of the current analog to SDI converter. With this, people can save a lot of investment...

Try do devellop a cheep (!) HDMI to SDI converter and cheep upconverter and downconverter as separate units.

Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:00 pm
by Christine Peterson
Hi Thomas,

I can't comment on planned releases, but our product managers are reading feature request threads every day. Keep 'em coming!


Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:32 pm
by Thomas Seewald
So I'm looking forward....

Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 6:59 pm
by Michael Odhiambo
Black Magic Cameras
1.Display Options - Add more exposure control aides.
• Waveform
• Histogram
• False color
• Vector scope (Not so much than the other two)
I understand these are functionalties in Ultrascopes, however, some situations prohibit the use of a laptop (equiped with thunderbolt) e..g. on a stedicam/jib. Hand held on the streets. Plenty situations.
2. More intuitive keyboard entry system. When entering meta date, and there is a typo in the preceding characters, you cannot touch the screen to move the cursor to that particular point. You have to erase the enitre sentence. Perhaps add more special characters like ampersand, currencies, operations (+,*,percent)
3. Everyone has asked for these...
• Audio meters
• Accurate battery meter

Thanks for reading and addressing issues like flange distance

Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:29 pm
by mikasky
Not for the same product line but here are some feature requests for SmartView Duo 4K scopes :

- new RGB histograms mode
- user selectable graticules brightness for waveforms
- RGB colored waveforms for RGB Parade
- RGB gain/bias settings to be able to roughly calibrate white point (even tho they are not grading monitors it would be very nice to be able to adjust them further than simple brightness/contrast/saturation)

Thanks for considering those in future updates

Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:52 am
by Thomas Seewald
We never get a anwser to our requests.... We never get an information, about planned new features...

Re: Feature requests / possible new products

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 1:47 pm
by Juha Mukari

-Camera: Hybrid ibis + ois stabilization :)

+ Gyro Metadata Stabilisation (for post porcess stabilization).

-Global shutter.

-Foveon kind of sensor tech. - like this, but with global shutter, maybe even with volumetric data? :)

-tof (Time-of-flight ) for autofocus?

-Volumetric camera (depth map data like lytro cinema :) )

-Stop motion (with onion layering) - :)

-360 video camera.

Target tracking gimbal with integrated tripod/stand + possible wireless sync. with hybrid ibis ois. :)

Software - DaVinci Resolve / Fusion:
(better 3d compositing)
(combined with consistent video depth estimation this would be even better i guess and would make even better slow motions in davinci resolve)
(3d point cloud compositing by editing 3d point clouds would be very advanced editing and it would make after effects looks old technology)
also this is pretty impressing. - that looks pretty amazing, little bit like nuke's furnacore f-aling:

Also some motion graphics tools would be needed (like - maybe co-operation?) to beat adobe products and some support for Affinity Photo/Designer files (also co-operation with serif / affinity developer would be awesome and needed i think). Affinity Photo kind of solution would be lovely inside DaVinci Resolve :) (All in one video/media production software as i see davinci resolve - audio tools need some improvements like brush tools similar to audition - spot healing brush audition / lasso selection etc ).

Also rotoscoping will need more love from blackmagic: like that magnetic lasso kind of rotoscoping guide tool (rotostroke). ik (inverse kinematics), magnetic spline and edge-snapping. mocha pro's area brush
and mocha pro's mega plate - these tools would make fusion more flexible and advanced comparing to competiting nuke.

maybe some point fusion would need integrated kind of style transfer with face tracking, or autodesk's flame's ai features for depth map / face / deepfake: things
and smart vecotrs / inpainting / edge extend / grid warp / like foundry's nuke:
smart vectors in nuke 11.3:

DaVinci Resolve's object removal was nice but need more, like nuke's inpainting or adobe after effects content-aware fill

Photogrammetry for vfx is groing so i like to remind from - - - -
none of these is perfect - but good tools and it would make fusion much more flexible with these technology integration.

facetracking: with 3d output file/export option.

And last one: blender support / bridge - live import / export for blender.

thank you for reading <3
And thats it. Short, simple and humble list :)