Sharp 8k pocket m43rds camera.

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Sharp 8k pocket m43rds camera.

PostWed Jan 09, 2019 4:41 pm

Post news links here.

It might seem worth dismissing this with h265 and one SD card slot, except, they are doing the main reveal at NAB.

So, it's smaller than the pocket, and they are talking about trying to get it to do 8k at 60 fps.

You notice the pleasing squared off shape. As if there was some sort of rectangular motherboard inside, like the nvidia Jetson platform I've been trying to get manufacturers interested in making cinema cameras on.

Currently Zcam is said to use Nvidia in their E2 camera which works with a 4kp120 sensor (8kp30 datarate). The datarate was said to be over 1600 mb/s h264 before they suddenly cut that back to something conventional. That was more than enough for high grade 8kp60. H265 should be in there but was not mentioned.

But Sharp in a subsidiary of Foxcon, and Foxcon announced they are working with Red on cheap 8k cameras. Could this be such a camera using Red internal chips, or nvidia, which red was told about, or one other?

The consumer option is an ambarella hc3 (unfortunately no low energy version announced yet, from ces 2017). But I suspect that will tip out around 600 mb/s h264 going on what the h2 did. The consumer version of this.

But Nab indicates a higher spec than a consumer chip.
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