NVMe to PCIe adapters?

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NVMe to PCIe adapters?

PostFri Feb 15, 2019 6:54 pm

Going to pole the users to see if there is anyone doing this... I have an extra NVMe connector in my laptop, and I'd like a more powerful graphics card than the built in GTX965m chip (for obvious reasons). Has anyone used these NVMe to PCIe adapters? Not terribly expensive, but also not widely available.

Big issue might be that they only allow x4 PCI lanes, is that enough for something like a GTX1080i card? Just looking to get an external GPU functioning for the extra performance in rendering, etc. From what I read, Thunderbolt 3 only has access to x4 PCIe lanes as well, so this should be as fast and it certainly works for the BlackMagic eGPU.

This would be cheaper than buying a new laptop with Thunderbolt 3, and since I'm not making money with this (yet), I'm trying to keep costs down for the moment.

Laptop is Gigabyte Aero 14
2.5k x ??? display
965m GPU
16GB of RAM (needs 32GB)
NVMe storage for system drive
USB3.1 with type A and type C ports

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