Brand New Intel Xeon E5-1660 6 Core LGA 2011

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Brand New Intel Xeon E5-1660 6 Core LGA 2011

PostThu Jun 27, 2013 5:08 pm

I have a brand new CPU that can be a life saver to anyone looking to have PCIe 3.0 in an X79 2011 socket motherboard. You have to be a serious buyer and know what you want. I won't ship this off for someone to check out. It is too expensive for a buyer to not make sure this is a match. The warranty will transfer. I am asking for a minimum price of no less then $300 off the cheapest price you can find. I will pay for insurance, shipping- USPS Priority with signature. Before you pay I will send you photos and all the numbers you want to run a warranty check on Intel's warranty check website.

I also could provide you references if needed. I am specifically posting here because I know that folks doing heavy video work use this cpu all the time. And although it is a WS Xeon it is also what Maximum PC used for its 2012 dream machine. (not exact as they went for an 8 core and also used the older Asus regular X79-WS)

All of the Intel i7 Sandy Bridge E are only able to support PCIe 2.0, although the motherboard sellers aren't making this obvious.

The Xeon E5-1660 is compatible with the Asus newly released P9X79-E WS and the P9X79 WS. It is also compatible with the Gigabyte 2011 X79 motherboards. A great board and less expensive than the Asus is the Gigabyte X79-UP4, an Ultra Durable 5 motherboard.

This Xeon is pretty much an upgraded i7 3970X extreme cpu with added features left off of the Sandy Bridge E, in particular the Gen 3 , 40 Lanes of PCIe 3.0.

This is a brand new boxed retail Intel Xeon E5-1660. Just go to Intel's site and in the first search box put in the name and it will pull up all the specs. Check it out on Newegg or Amazon or anywhere that sells CPU's and it will run from $1,059 to $1,300.

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