some thoughts....on shareability

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some thoughts....on shareability

PostSat Aug 10, 2019 5:36 pm

just noticed how hard it actually is to make BM content shareable:

just wanted to share the "post production and camera update" video of the pocket 6k and resolve updates, when I noticed it how hard it actually is: no direct link to the video, nothing on the BMs vimeo page, no direct link to a webpage wich just presents the video.

(Ideally I want a link to the press release with the video included).

This is not a critism on the webpage / the presentation of it..far from that, the information is presented in a enjoyable hypeless way... When I visit the page I get the news I want accessed in a fast and pleasant way. (A big thanks for this). And I _do_ like the popup videos, so please no changes there. This is just about the shareability

And yes I might be wrong on this....

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