Duo 2 losing connector configuration on PC power off

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Duo 2 losing connector configuration on PC power off

PostTue Jun 11, 2024 5:14 pm

Hi there,

Recently purchased a Duo 2 card for a new PC that will accept 4 SDI inputs from Marshall cameras. My configuration is this:
Duo 1 -> Connector 1
Duo 2 -> Connector 3
Duo 3 -> Connector 2
Duo 4 -> Connector 4

We used the video setup application to specify the virtual connections (duos) map to the physical connectors. After a bit of work (e.g., moving cables back and forth from reference input to their mapped connector), everything finally looked good in OBS. We could power off and on the cameras and everything continued to look good in OBS.

When I shut down the PC and back on again and open OBS, Camera 3 is not showing anything in OBS. I open the video setup application and Duo 1 is mapped to Connectors 1 & 2, and Duo 3 is mapped to None.

2 questions:
1. why are the Duo to connector settings not persisting for Duos 1 and 3?
2. does one normally have to use the reference input to tell the setup application "this duo maps to this connector"? I think I am missing some fundamental setup process info and am making it harder.


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