DVR and RAMDisk?

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DVR and RAMDisk?

PostMon Jun 29, 2020 9:04 pm

Hi Folks
My project source media files are on a Samsung 850 Evo Sata3 SSD until I complete the project after which I move it out to a high capacity spindle HDD for archival. It has a Ramdisk feature one can enable via the Samsung Magician software called Rapid mode. Basically a 2G area of RAM is reserved as a RAMCache for the SSD when using it.

Is it recommended to enable the RamCache with the project media files when working with DVR? I am asking this because when I was an absolute moron beginner with DVR 15 a year or more back and stumbling badly my way through the application like a new car driver - I actually saw a few hangs, freezes and crashes. (But then my system at the time was also a much weaker Ryzen 3200G with Integrated Graphics). I attributed it then to my rapid scrubbing through the timeline with the multiple media files of many Gigabytes - thinking possibly that the system with 2G RamCache was not able to cope with the rapidly jumping access patterns for different media clips. So I turned it off, but it never occurred to me to check with anyone. Now I have a more powerful CPU although still with a weak GPU, but the question still remains.

Has anyone seen problems like crashing when scrubbing timelines randomly and using a RAMCache like Samsung Rapid or any other like AMD StorMI or Intel Optane?

PS: I could very well try and enable it again - but I have very limited time for video editing per day as a hobbyist (and a humungous backlog of source material to edit) and so I loathe interruptions due to faulting applications. So I just want to get a sense for what other more experienced folks are doing about this ... Regardless of the answer I don't plan to enable it again until I am past 70% of my workload, but itching to hear some perspectives opinions and experiences of others, all the same.

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