Decklink 8K pro: Problem detecting HD-3GSDI 59.94

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Decklink 8K pro: Problem detecting HD-3GSDI 59.94

PostMon May 03, 2021 9:20 pm

Just got a Decklink 8K pro card to install in my PC.

It is not correctly detecting HD-3G SDI 1080p59.94 signals, in the desktop video set up application it shows the input signal as 1080p29.97. I have the connectors configured to single link and SDI 1 in, 2 out. When you try to look at the input in Media Express its just a mess of dropped frames.

I tried switching the input to 1080i59.94, this works and the signal comes through fine. I tried two other inputs single link 1080p50, and Quadlink 4K 1080p50. Both of these signals are fine. Is there something I am missing here? Is it a hardware problem having to do with the faster frame rate over the single link. I specifically bought this card to capture the 1080p59.94 and the Quadlink 4K 1080p50, so I want to figure this out.

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