PS4 to OBS via Intensity Shuttle

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PS4 to OBS via Intensity Shuttle

PostTue Jun 15, 2021 10:14 pm

Hey all,
I've had the Intensity Shuttle unit for a while now and have had a decent amount of success inputting signal through a component cable from a PS3, not using HDMI for that as PS3 has the HDCP system.

However, I'm now trying to input from a PS4 from an HDMI cable and I simply cannot get the thing to display anything other than a black screen. Every technical help video I see is from 6+ years ago or using a Decklink card, which is obviously no help to me, and following their advice has produced no results.

Has anyone here had more luck feeding a PS4 into OBS through an Intensity Shuttle? I'd appreciate any help at all.

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