Camera control - Stopping down

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Camera control - Stopping down

PostTue Jul 27, 2021 9:59 am

I use action cameras with an Atem 4k Production Switcher over HDMI.
In HDMI mode, the cameras are not adjustable, they output what they "see" at 1080p60.
What comes in to the switcher is the full picture seen by the camera. I do not always want that.
I would like to be able to "stop down" say, the left third of camera 1 which is just blank wall, stop down the top 20% of camera 2 which is bare ceiling etc, so that only the action area of each camera's output is broadcast. I have read (I think) the relevant sections of the Manual regarding camera control and these seem to address only SDI cameras with remotely adjustable lenses, neither of which helps me.
Any ideas how to do this? Is it possible?

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