Connecting a wireless router directly to a Smart VideoHub

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Connecting a wireless router directly to a Smart VideoHub

PostWed Apr 12, 2017 5:27 pm

I'm setting up a 12x12 Smart VideoHub for a client and want to make it easy for them to use. This is going in a classroom to control the inputs for 5 video screens that are in use in the classroom. The teacher needs to be able to control what content is going to each screen. I know that the teacher can use the front controls to select inputs, but I was thinking that it might be a little easier and sexier to be able to control it from their iPad. My question is can I connect a Wireless Router directly to the Smart VideoHub? All of the instructions that I have found for using it wirelessly involve having it connected to a computer that is connected to wifi.

If this can be done, does anyone have a suggestion of a router that works best and instruction on how to set this up??

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Re: Connecting a wireless router directly to a Smart VideoHu

PostSat Apr 15, 2017 7:54 pm

If they don't need internet on that ipad you could connect a wifi router to it with a cross cable or normal depending on the type of wifi unit you buy..

But when you connect to that wifi your ipad s not able to connect to other wifi sources..

Set the videohub in the same ip adress range and subnet as the wifi router is sending out.. Otherwise you can't connect.
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Re: Connecting a wireless router directly to a Smart VideoHu

PostSun Sep 25, 2022 12:01 am

Hi all,

So I'm looking to upgrade my wireless router and thought I'd reach out for some suggestions. Does anyone care to share what they're currently using and are happy with?
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My current router is several years old - Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 and while I haven't had many wireless issues, I'm not always thrilled with my wireless speed tests and with distance learning approaching and two parents working full time from home at the moment, I'm thinking it might be time for an upgrade.

I'm considering just upgrading to a newer, faster traditional router but I'm also curious what experiences people have had with some of the mesh options - Nest Wifi or eero/eero pro?

For what it's worth, I'm in Southern Walk so we have the 1gig fios plan.

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