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studio setup

PostFri Feb 03, 2023 4:46 pm

Hi Guys, I'm helping someone set up a studio to produce a cooking show for social media. I'm not familiar with BM products but extremely impressed with the ATEM mini pro iso we've been using to shoot a couple of shows with. the old gear (cameras, lighting etc) is going and he's buying new. He sometimes has guests on the show and wants the option to shoot outside on rare occasions. The ATEM will be used for live streaming to schools etc. I'd like the setup to be simple enough for him to operate with his wife (she's operated the switcher before)

My suggestion is:
ATEM mini pro iso
1 BM studio camera pro (wide), 2 BM studio cameras plus (1 side angle & 1 chopping board), 1 BM pocket 4k (overhead shot)

I've got a couple of questions:

can the studio camera be powered via a vmount with an adapter? that would give us 2 cams with the pocket 4k for outside.

do I need the studio pro for audio recording or can I get away with 3 plus's and record audio straight into the ATEM? (lapel mikes for chef & guest)

As I understand it I can control raw recording on all cameras from the ATEM but what if I only want to record on cam A, can I simply not put any media in the other cameras?

Can I rig all cameras & the ATEM to run off 1 power board so they don't switch each camera on & off but simply hit the master switch?

that hopefully will enable him to record shows at any time and with an internet connection I can use FTP to get the mix, ISO files and the project file. He will have to plug in the SSD so I can get the raw footage as well.

I'm sure there are things I haven't considered so please feel free to comment

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