App not hearing Bluetooth microphone (Synco P1L)

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App not hearing Bluetooth microphone (Synco P1L)

PostThu Sep 28, 2023 1:52 pm

Loving the app. But a problem I've encountered is that it doesn't work with my preferred Bluetooth microphone (a Synco P1L that plugs into my iPhone 13 Pro Max).

The app sees a USB mic is plugged in (says so under the Audio settings), but there is no audio coming into it. Which is strange because when I flip over to FilmicPro Legacy, the audio meter there shows the mic is operating normally, and that app and the iPhone native camera app captures audio from it without a problem. It's only the Blackmagic app that doesn't "hear" the mic despite seeing it is plugged in.

I've tested other microphones. The Blackmagic app sees and hears a cheaper Bluetooth microphone from Ulanzi (J12) and my Rode Wireless Go 2 microphones. So it just seems to be some incompatibility with something specific in terms of getting audio from certain Bluetooth microphones but not others.

Anybody encountered this? Any solution on the way (an update to the Blackmagic app I'm guessing)?

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Re: App not hearing Bluetooth microphone (Synco P1L)

PostThu Sep 28, 2023 3:00 pm

Which operating system? Which Blackmagic application? DaVinci Resolve?
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