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How to connect scart to blackmagic?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:47 pm
by gobris
I have a blackmagic intensity pro with with breakout cable. And a video player with only scart output..

Another issue was, the software I have (Blackmagic media Express), I couldnt find how to select which port should I select for capturing..

My scart adapter has an s-video orutpout so with a S-video Y cable I connected the cable to Y and BY in ports..

The problem is , I am not sure how to select the appropiate input for the card to capture with media Express.

The application Desktop Video Setup shows, input is S-Video (although there is no s-video port on breakout cable.. I assume Y+BY will do the trick.
Also on Media Express there are V-1-16 buttons...that are they for?
Should I select all or what? Device Intensity Pro is selected on this software..
Is tehere any live view before starting the actual record?
Or is there any tool that I can check my connections are correct?

With the setup I mentioned, I have only a Black Screen if I try to capture..