EF/ZF or MFT???

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Derick Passram

EF/ZF or MFT???

PostMon Sep 17, 2012 6:04 am

Hey there, I'm Derick (OddlyAttractive) and I'm in a mess of thoughts here. I basically need a bit of technical help, I have the gist of it but I'm still hypothesizing wether this would work or not. Ok so Black Magic Design just recently released their first ever camcorder. There are two models of this camcorder. The original having an EF/ZF lens mount, and the second yet to be released having a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens mount. I was wondering if I purchase the MFT version of the camcorder, would I be able to use Canon/Nikon lenses on it via an MFT adapter for Canon lenses or an MFT adapter for Nikon lenses? I was also wondering if I purchase the EF/ZF version of the camcorder, would I be able to use Nikon lenses via a Canon to Nikon adapter?

Hopefully you guys can answer this question, thanks! I'm also really anxious about this camera and I do plan on buying it really soon, right after I sell my Panasonic AG HMC80. (If anyone's interested in my AG HMC80 feel free to inquire about it)

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