Ultra studio 4k mini audio?

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Ultra studio 4k mini audio?

PostWed Mar 18, 2020 11:02 am


Can the UltraStudio 4k mini combine an HDMI video input and a separate audio input through the 1/4" jack socket and send them both out of the HDMI output for live-streaming?
If not, what devices do I need to look at which can do that?
I'm looking to livestreaming basic church services but with multiple audio channels going into small sound desk, getting a feed out of the desk into a capture device while getting the video signal from a camcorder.
Thanks so much for your help if you can be of assistance!
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Re: Ultra studio 4k mini audio?

PostFri Mar 20, 2020 11:08 am

If you can set this in the BMD software, you then need to sync the audio, because HDMI always has a lag, so you have to delay the audio also, (HBQ100) plus, you need to tune this delay.
if this becomes too complicating in your case you should input the sound only through the/that HDMI camera(s)

btw. the FBQ100 does only delay one mono channel
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