Multiview 4 Default IP and Output Problems

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Multiview 4 Default IP and Output Problems

PostWed May 20, 2020 1:06 am

I just got a multiview 4 and I am having some issues. I am not able to get any output from HDMI or SDI. I very briefly got something on screen via HDMi (with seemingly nothing changed) and thought it was working but I had to unplug it to move to it's permanent location and when it powered back on, I had no signal again. Tomorrow I will bring a different screen to try but I did try two monitors and a TV.

I thought maybe a software update or configuration change could be needed so I connected it to my network. I can see it's connected but it does not have an IP address listed when I look at my connected clients on my LAN. I assume that it has a default IP that's on another subnet but the manual does not mention a default IP and I am not able to find it. Any ideas?


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