Thinkstation P510 and Decklink Extreme 12G

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Thinkstation P510 and Decklink Extreme 12G

PostThu May 21, 2020 10:11 am


I went through several posts here but still no clue or clear answer for me:

I have a Thinkstation P510 with latest Win10, lates BIOS, latest board, chipset, graphics drivers AND the 11.5.1 desktop video drivers (as of May 21st 2020) - the board has two PCIe Gen3 x16 Slots - the first one has a Quadro M2000 installed, the 2nd one has the Decklink Extreme 12G card installed.

The M2000 card works fine on both of these slots. Also: using a mini-USB with the Decklink Card always brings up the update tool and updates the firmware of the card without problems. So I assume the Decklink card is fully working itself (I hope - since it came fresh out of the box ...)

So: the PC won‘t recognise the card. Neither in desktop video tool nor in the device manager. I already played in BIOS with the PCI settings (force 8x, force Gen2 etc.) - no results. I also switched PCIe Slots - no results.

I also found someone here in the forum the it could be some sort of general board issue with powersupply (but he wanted to add two decklink cards).

So my main question: does anybody know if a Thinkstation P510 is capable of using the Decklink Extreme 12G? Is it for sure that a working firmware update of the card means the card itself is fine? Thanks for any help here.

Greetings Christian

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