Latest windows 10 update hoses Decklink driver

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Mike Perry

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Re: Latest windows 10 update hoses Decklink driver

PostTue Jun 23, 2020 11:17 pm

I was able to fix this by reverting my windows update.

Then I was able to use the system without trouble.

I waited a few days later and got a message there was an update for my Decklink Duo - I thought maybe this might have fixed the problem so I installed the update.

Now my system is once again disabled. The computer does NOT recognize the Decklink Duo!


I suspect perhaps I may have installed this update around the same time I did a windows update and that was the true cause - it may not have been windows but the Decklink driver update that killed the device.

Does anybody know?

I can no longer fix this. Since I reverted the last windows update, I can't revert back.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I've been doing livestreams for area artists who are displaced due to Covid-19 quarantine and I have all kinds of shows scheduled and this completely takes down our entire live streaming rig.



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Re: Latest windows 10 update hoses Decklink driver

PostTue Jun 30, 2020 6:09 pm

Is it possible you can use a restore point from windows to the one just before the update and try updating the driver from there - then if that works - accept the windows update? And I think I read that users are able to delay the windows update for up to 30 days (down from 365, sadly), but maybe that'll give you enough time to sort out the issue? You should also be able to downgrade the driver version to the one that works, if the restore doesn't handle it. I keep a specific version of the Desktop Video drivers handy just for that purpose, as for me, in my rig, some versions don't and some versions will - and like you I need to have a reliable system.

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