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Intensity Pro

PostWed Jul 29, 2020 3:45 pm

I'm not a video person, so please be kind. I purchased a BM Intensity Pro about five years ago, but I never used it. Recently, a need arose for us to try to put it into service, so we installed it into a Windows 10 computer and tried to install the drivers. Not only did the installation not work, but the drivers trashed Windows 10. I had to completely rebuild the computer from scratch. (It wasn't a gigantic deal because the computer was sort of built for that purpose.)

Will this card work under Windows 10? If so, what are the correct drivers? There are a lot of "video" people in my group who used the BM cards, but apparently there was a period when drivers didn't work, and they moved onto other companies' hardware. That's when I put the card on the shelf. Hopefully there are current drivers that will enable me to put this card into service. If there are, where do I get them?


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Re: Intensity Pro

PostWed Jul 29, 2020 7:56 pm

I hope this helps.
You can find the newest drivers for the intensity by clicking on support tab at Click on the picture that has CAPTURE AND PLAYBACK in the copy.
Download the most current drivers.
It will be for the desktop video.
Read the document that comes with the drivers.
I've been using the Intensity for over 7 years and it's a remarkable piece of gear for the money as are all Black Magic Design products.
Their support is second to none.
When you install the drivers you must restart your system.
I'm using it flawlessly on a window 10 pro system.
If you're using an nvidia card in your system you will be amazed at how well it handles 6k raw footage.


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