Gray screen / ATEM Mini not recognized by Zoom

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Gray screen / ATEM Mini not recognized by Zoom

PostSat Sep 12, 2020 7:17 pm

Hi...I am a new ATEM Mini owner as of yesterday so please forgive if this is a duplicate topic.

I've set up the ATEM mini according to instructions, and have three cameras going into the Mini via HDMI. Then USB-c output to my MacBook Pro. Then I open Zoom. (I am also a new Zoom user as well). The USB-c cable is new as of yesterday.

Sometimes, Zoom doesn't see the Mini, even when I try to select it under preferences and video settings. Zoom only gives me the option to use my FaceTime camera.

When I quit, restart the computer, unplug everything and plug it all back in, sometimes the Zoom is recognized when I am starting a new meeting and I can switch between cameras using the Mini. But if I end the meeting and restart a new meeting, I only get a gray screen and the Mini is not recognized and I can't get any video.

I'm an experienced enough Mac user to know that trying a new cable is important and I will go buy a new one, but something tells me there's another issue going on. Has anyone else seen total inconsistency like this, and what did you do to help it?

I have a really important presentation to give on Tuesday so I am in a crunch to figure it out.

Thank you!


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Re: Gray screen / ATEM Mini not recognized by Zoom

PostMon Sep 21, 2020 5:24 pm

Hello Greg, I have the same problem: Atem mini show me a grey screen on zoom, wirecast, photoboot, OBS...
Have you solved the problem somehow? I changed the usb cable, reboot the mac plenty of times but nothing seems working properly... :roll:

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