Ultrastudio Mini Recorder input via Extron DTP

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Ultrastudio Mini Recorder input via Extron DTP

PostFri Oct 09, 2020 3:15 pm

Currently I am trying to get a camera input to a Mac Pro via Ultrastudio Mini Recorder.

Running the signal through an Extron DTP device (video over ethernet) as the camera is a fair distance from the computer.

The extron device works (HDMI out) - signal from the camera is received and visible using a projector.

The Mini Recorder works (HDMI In) - when camera is brought to it and connected.

The mini recorder getting a feed from the Extron DTP does not work.

I've tried rebooting and other shennanigans, no luck so far.

I'm missing something... any suggestions?

thank you, Gregg

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