BlackMagic eGPU crash loop after Apple update

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BlackMagic eGPU crash loop after Apple update

PostSat Nov 14, 2020 8:17 am

Hi BlackMagic folks - I'm a software developer, and long time Apple user. I got a BlackMagic eGPU to boost performance of my 2017 T3 13" Mac Book Pro which was struggling to do live streaming, video conference and even running Chrome.

It has been great. Until two nights ago when an Apple update seems to have killed it. I have a newer 16" MBP which was plugged into the BM eGPU at the time - we were watching TV and I heard the fans spin up to max, and then it went into a crash loop.

After a day of clearing out kernel extensions and installing updates, I figured that maybe updating to the latest OS update would help.

With Big Sur on the 16" MBP I now have a situation where the eGPU can see the USB key, it shows up in Finder; but plugging a LG 5K monitor into the eGPU gives me a big black screen. Plugging the monitor directly into a T3 port it works fine.

With the 13" MBP (still running Catalina) I still have a crash loop if I plug in the eGPU. There's a kernel panic, with some mention of the AMD kext and a slew of other stuff.

Anyone else having these issues?

Does it sound like a hardware problem with the eGPU?

If this is not the right forum - my apologies, but this is a $1200 piece of hardware here in Australia and I'm not sure how to get support for it.


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Re: BlackMagic eGPU crash loop after Apple update

PostFri Nov 20, 2020 1:41 pm

I have the exact same problem..I´m wondering if an Apple update has caused this or if it's hardware problem..I´ve found this firmwareupdate: ... -on-macos/

Will see if I can install it - problem is that connecting the eGPU makes everything crash..Will now try safe mode..


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