Intensity Pro: Possible to re-flash firmware via USB?

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Intensity Pro: Possible to re-flash firmware via USB?

PostThu Nov 19, 2020 9:16 pm

I have installed an Intensity Pro card into my PC and installed the Desktop Video software that came with it on the CD as a first step. During installation I was told that a software update is required for the card, and agreed to perform said update.

During the procedure, the PC immediately became extremely sluggish (mouse cursor would only update position every second or so), and eventually the screen turned black and nothing happened anymore. After waiting about ten more minutes, I power-cycled the PC and now the Intensity Pro is no longer detected.

I fear that the ill-fated firmware update has left the card in a corrupted state. However, the card has a USB port built into it, which *might* allow re-flashing the firmware if only I could find a driver and tool to do so.

Is such a tool available? Any other suggestions for trying to save the card? Any help greatly appreciated.

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