How do I use the output ports from the Intensity Shuttle?

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How do I use the output ports from the Intensity Shuttle?

PostSat Jan 09, 2021 3:48 am

I have a Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle for USB 3.0 (bought it used on eBay, as sadly it's no longer being manufactured). Now I'd like to use it as an output device. I know it can do input as I just tested that. So to see if it can output, I went to the Windows control panel for setting up an external monitor, expecting to see 4 available outputs to select from (the HDMI out port, the YPbPr component video output, the S-Video output, and the composite video output). In other words, I expected each output to appear to Windows as its own graphics card/adapter but it doesn't. Even the overall device (the Intensity Shuttle) didn't appear as a graphics card/adapter. So how to I use the outputs from this device, if Windows won't even see them as graphics cards/adapters?
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Re: How do I use the output ports from the Intensity Shuttle

PostSun Jan 10, 2021 1:53 pm

As far as i know any signal on one input, will be available on any of the outputs, but it will always be the same format, you can't convert that, you do need set the correct input format for the Intensity Shuttle through the BlackMagic Design software, but you can set color or sound levels, and see result on the connected hardware on the outputs of the Intensity Shuttle.
in short: you only can select the input you want to use, this device is a capture device,
only the captures made, can function as (playback) output,
otherwise you need an other device for your purpose. (decklink?)
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