Decklink extreme 12g installation troubles

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Decklink extreme 12g installation troubles

PostTue Jan 19, 2021 12:31 pm

I've recently acquired a Decklink Extreme 12g. When I put the card into the pc and start it I have no more output from the video card (NVIDIA RTX 2070). It seems like the init video card is switched on the BMD. However in the BIOS the init graphic is set to pci express 1, wich would be the nvidia... When I remove the BMD everything turns to normal.

Is there something I should do I dont know about ? Could be the BMD card dead ?

By the way the mainboard is a Gigabyte Aorus Elite with the X570 chipset.

Thanks For your help!



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Re: Decklink extreme 12g installation troubles

PostSun Jan 31, 2021 2:41 am

There can be several reasons you are having trouble with adding a card to your PC

Not all computers have the same resources available to all the PCIe slots

for one thing just because you see a 16x slot doesn't mean its wired for 16x.

IRQ settings are my bet.

also not all chip sets distribute the lanes as well as others.


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