Media Express: capture/record timecode channel

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Media Express: capture/record timecode channel

PostMon Jan 25, 2021 6:57 pm

I'm using a BGH1 using an UltraSync for external timecode generation. In Media Express, I see the timecode embedded (overlaid) in the video stream transmitted out the BGH1's HDMI and received by a DeckLink 8K Pro's SDI input. However, I don't understand how to insure that a recording from Media Express will contain the timecode metadata channel (not the video overlay). If I open a recorded video in Adobe Premiere, no timecode data is detected. ffprobe and MediaInfo also fail to find any timecode data in the recorded video. I see no settings in Media Express that would turn this feature on and off. I've already set the recording format to Quicktime (I don't believe AVI supports timecode). Beyond that choice of file format, I don't see what else I can do through Media Express to address this issue. Does anyone have any information on this matter?

Thank you.

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Re: Media Express: capture/record timecode channel

PostFri Jan 29, 2021 8:14 am

The Quicktime issues in Big Sur is a major problem for Blackmagic. But are they happy to leave it so people buy something more expensive in their range? The problem is that if you are using top level ENG equipment with SDI output to get the wide angle lens to work online effectively and Blackmagic fails at the first hurdle. It does not give buyers any confidence to move onto more expensive equipment to solve the problem.
I saw a Youtube saying that the Ultra studio needs to be recognised by the software before it is plugged into the camera and then it works but it did not work for me.
Will ATEM work with a SDI to HMDI converter? No idea. £750 later you could be stuck with a dummy
Ultra Studio in Big Sur causes problems for Zoom too. Before everything worked beautifully. You could go into QuickTtime check the camera was working and the room set was OK Then start up Zoom. Now zoom can't distinguish the internal audio input from the ENG microphone . There are so many choices of a setting.
The ENG camera works wonderfully with Ultra Studio streaming in YouTube, but can you check it is working with quicktime first No?
Any Blackmagic is doing nothing communicating nothing

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