An observation about SD cards

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An observation about SD cards

PostTue Feb 16, 2021 9:47 pm

Hope this message is helpful. If not, or in case it is redundant, feel free to delete it.

I got a second hand BMPCC and I've been experimenting with SD cards. First I got the best cards I use for audio and I noticed some camera behavior I haven't seen written anywhere. So, sharing it in case it will help a newcomer like me.

First: at least in this model a "No Card" has two possible meanings. If "Format Card" is visible on the menu it means the card was detected but the format is invalid.

Blackmagic, a suggestion. What about writing "FMT Card" or "Inv Format" instead of "No Card"? It was quite puzzling until I noticed that!

Second: When formatting a card the camera seems to perform some simple throughput testing and it depends on the recording format. So, maybe a card it can't format (it will abort after trying, saying it can't format it) in RAW can work for ProRes HQ.

Is this correct? It would be great to see this on the documentation.

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