Decklink Video Capture Problem

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Decklink Video Capture Problem

PostSat Feb 20, 2021 4:31 pm

I have an old Intensity Pro HDMI and Analog HD/SD Editing Card. I don't know how to identify the model number. Judging from when I joined this forum, I purchased the card in June of 2013. I have been using it since then to interface my camcorder with my PC via HDMI. I record interviews with remote guests via Skype or Zoom using XSplit Broadcaster and using the camcorder for my side of the video. I import the video signal into XSplit using Decklink Video Capture. Recently, this stopped working. It may be that I need to update my Blackmagic software. I updated to the latest version of Blackmagic Desktop Video (12.0) but that didn't solve the problem. Given that my card is old, should I use an older version of the software? If so, how do I determine which version? Does updating Blackmagic Desktop Video include an update to Decklink Video Capture?

The situation is a bit urgent. I'll have to postpone tomorrow's interview if I can't sort it out. So any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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