Extended Desktop when no video playing

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Extended Desktop when no video playing

PostSat Sep 29, 2012 2:27 am

From the Desktop Video Manual ( Aug 12 Edition ) :

Frame output switch
If you have switched out of a video application and video is no longer being played, this setting determines whether your Blackmagic video hardware will output black or the last played frame of video or an extended desktop.
If you are adjusting LUTs on some Blackmagic models, set this option to Last Played Frame so you can observe the effect of any adjustment to LUTs.
The extended desktop feature is supported on some Blackmagic models. Enabling or disabling the feature requires a restart of the computer. It's important that you set the extended desktop to the same standard as your video capture and playback, or you will get slower switching between capture and playback modes, as the monitors need to re-lock.

Which Hardware is offering the extended desktop option ? References please ?
Owning an Intensity Extreme and now also the new UltraStudio Express, I can just tell that these two boxes do NOT allow me to benefit from an otherwise very helpful desktop extension on my second screen.
And since all those existing BMD I/O interfaces only have one Thunderbolt connection, ( no chaining possible, like with the AJA XT I/O ) there is no way to get a supplemental screen to serve as an extension of the desktop beyond this particular functionality, limited to SOME models.

Which brings back again the question : which ones ?

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