Video Assist as game capture device- problem

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Video Assist as game capture device- problem

PostMon Mar 22, 2021 11:02 pm

It works with PS4 (HDCP disabled on console)- sort of, and coincidentally the Ninja V has the same problem the VA has- whereas it can't capture all 8 channels (7.1) and sum them into 2 stereo channels. It gets most of the audio from the 4 pairs of audio channels, but if you solo channels 3 and 4 and listen to that audio- then when pressing the main outputs to hear all of the game audio summed in through channels 1 and 2- you will notice the audio from channels 3 and 4 is not included- 5 and 6, 7 and 8 audio are all there.

This will result in your video playing back missing audio such as foot shuffling, gun mechanics and comms dialogue from other NPCs, for example when recording FPS games with 7.1 audio. I tested it with numerous 7.1 sound games such as AC Valhalla, JC3, JC4 and Immortals Fenyx rising- all of which are 7.1 sound games.

I don't know if most people are even aware of it to be honest, but imo it's critical to have all sounds of a game audible for an audience to experience the full effect of a game.

If anyone can shed light on this, please do.

Thanks and take care.

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