Upgrade Blackmagic Video Assist 7 "12G HDR

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Hjalmar Molin

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Upgrade Blackmagic Video Assist 7 "12G HDR

PostSun Nov 28, 2021 3:26 pm

I'm trying to upgrade Blackmagic Video Assist 7 "12G HDR
and have downloaded Blackmagic Video Assist 3.5 Update (Windows).
I unpack the files and start Install Video Assist v3,5.msi.
It works. I connect the SSD TS via USB but nothing happens.
How do I continue working.
Should I transfer a file to Video Assist?

Denny Smith

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Re: Upgrade Blackmagic Video Assist 7 "12G HDR

PostSun Dec 05, 2021 8:11 am

What are you expecting the VA upgrade 3.5 to do? I understand you got the update to apply to ykur VA.
The upgrade provides:
What's new in Blackmagic Video Assist 3.5
The following models have new features.
Blackmagic Video Assist 5" 12G HDR
Blackmagic Video Assist 7" 12G HDR
Adds LCD screen calibration settings.
Adds HDR override settings.
Adds pinch zoom up to x8 magnification.
Adds Blackmagic RAW recording from Fujifilm GFX100 and GFX100S.
Adds Blackmagic RAW recording from Panasonic GH5S, BGH1 and DC-BS1H.

The USB-C connection lets you plug in external flash disks or SSDs for recording. You do not need to download a driver or other file.
But this only works with BMD approved tested SSD drives listed here:
If the drive you are using is not on this list, it is not going to work correctly.
Denny Smith
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