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HDMI input 10/12 bit per color image capture

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:01 am
by IdoAtlas
Hey, I have a Decklink 4k Extreme 12G.
I'm using it as a capture device in order to capture a single frame via HDMI input port.
my video source transmits 1080p 60Hz 10 bit per color.
my goal is to get a single frame as a .bmp file with 10 bits per color.
I tried the following:
while using media express software:
1. single frame capture (camera icon). this produce a .tga file (this file format supports only 8 bit per color).

2. taking a video capture, this produce an .avi file. trying to take a single frame with FFMPEG, i get again an 8 bit .bmp image.

what is the proper way to get a 10 bit per color frame?