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Which Updates to Install? There are SO MANY!

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2023 11:15 pm
by DukerDoom
Hello forum!

This is a massive, but embarrassing question, as I sure there is a straight, logical explanation, but I am a bit overwhelmed looking for it. Maybe you can help?

I have 30-40+ pieces of all different types of BMD gear: 17" 4k to dual 8" HD SmartView and 4k SmartScopes to a 4k 2me 20 input switcher, a Smart Video Hub 40x40 6G router, a Teranex 3D and AV converter, 5-6 HyperDecks 4k and HD's, plus a mini, mini pro, and an Avid one, Ultra Studio HD, SDI 12G distributor, and 2 BMD Prod Cams 4k plus a Ursa Mini 4k and a Pocket Cam 6k...and tons of little converters, HDMI to SDI, Analog to SDI, little recorders...etc., etc. I've recently (the past year) racked it into a mobile production truck and networked it all thru a TP-Link managed switcher, but am having difficulty scrolling through all the updates, software and firmware ones...and picking the proper, the best ones to install.

It's so many updates, say, if I wanted to fully upgrade a piece of BMD gear, which one would I select, which one is best? Do I have to start with the oldest update and do each one to the most current one or do the newest updates contain all the old upgrades too? Someone, PLEAS put me in the right direction, shed some knowledge on this topic so I can fully upgrade all my gear to get it more current.

Also, can you get firmware updates for the hardware and software upgrades to the software on a computer, all through the SUPPORT tab? All the upgrades one would ever need, to say, more accurately all in one place???

Thank you in advance for your help and info! Duker

Re: Which Updates to Install? There are SO MANY!

PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2023 6:53 am
by Xtreemtec
Just install the latest of each. Then run the software and the software will tell you if the device has a new update available or is running the latest available for that device. ;)

So for your Smartscope, 17"4K and Duoview monitors It's all the same software Something like Blackmagic Monitor Setup

Then for every product with Teranex in the name: Blackmagic Teranex Setup
For all mini and micro converters : Blackmagic Converter Setup.

And this software will have ALL the latest FW packages for each device inside. So run the software with the converters / devices connected to the PC and you will know if it needs an update.

On the other hand.. If your hardware is running fine.. Why bother with updates?? Since updates are not always good. Sometimes introduce issues.. ;)

Re: Which Updates to Install? There are SO MANY!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2023 10:22 pm
by Eric-Jan
Provided the OS is a recent 64bit version and is Window$ i understand... but certain MAC pc or laptops(64bit) with M1 or M2 chips can have some issues…
Even without … updating a BMD firmware on older MAC OS can fail bigtime i found out the hard way.