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Anyone - Redundancy Workflow w BM Cloud Storage (Beta)?

PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2023 8:31 pm
by BoxMan_Actual
I'm extremely excited for what the iOS Blackmagic Camera app can do for our very unique production, especially the quick uploads to Cloud Storage.

We currently use Lucidlink and do physical backups of the drivespace, which is organized with dated folders. I'm wondering if people have already thought about redundancy workflows between Cloud Storage and their own solution. I suppose we could work with the footage uploaded to the project to churn out quick edits, and then drag and drop footage from the folder on Mac to the Lucidlink folder for long-term storage.

Re: Anyone - Redundancy Workflow w BM Cloud Storage (Beta)?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2023 4:31 pm
by heideana
I'm trying to get information about the new BM Cloud Storage (Beta). I think my main question is, do I need to transfer my Cloud Project Folder to BM Cloud Storage (Beta) or not? 2 weeks ago, I couldn't purchase any space; I called support only to be told they didn't support Sonoma although it appeared that my media files were being stored somewhere that didn't require re-linking between myself and my Berlin-based partner.

This weekend, after losing our Cloud Project Folder, we decided to try to buy space again - which was now successful. Of course, we learned after the fact that 18.6 required turning the Cloud Project storage back on...

Now I've got BM Cloud Storage (Beta), we're still determining if we're supposed to move our Project or even how to do so. I called support, and they told me they had no information or anyone to refer me to & suggested I read the reference manual...

Does anyone understand how the new service works? The reference manual has nothing about it, and as a new Resolve user, it feels strange that Blackmagic would release a new service without any support.

Any information is appreciated...