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Lighting Question - General and Specific

PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2024 2:56 pm
by Drummerskey
I've been doing a lot of reading (and have previously) on lighting. The object I am filming is a drum set. Based on how my drums are set up, the front facing shot is the least interesting and generally, only good for a wide shot (which I do use). However, this means a typical set up of 3-Point and all information online about filming a subject/interview doesn't work for the camera angles used (overhead and either side).

I've looked everywhere at this point and my general question is, should I be lighting the scene or lighting the subject.

Specific questions then are, how. Where do you place a Key and Fill for overhead and side shots?

For additional information, the sound production is pretty dialed in right now and movement of the kit will change the overhead placement and possibly sound quality. I'm also not interested in changing my drum set around, making it less comfortable to play just for a forward facing shot.

Re: Lighting Question - General and Specific

PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2024 9:10 pm
by Howard Roll
Basically you never want to be shooting on axis with the key light. Three point lighting falls apart once you break the 180 rule. For a single subject the line is crossed every time the camera crosses the eye line so the whole 45 degree key/fill/rim is out the window.

Going by the book fill should be on axis with cams, key and rim should be off axis. The more simultaneous angles you have will require more lighting creativity to keep the shots interesting. I'd figure out whatever the money shot is and build off of that. My go to for a locked off drum shot is a 3/4 shooting right over the top of the snare side crash.

Good Luck

Re: Lighting Question - General and Specific

PostPosted: Thu Feb 29, 2024 5:48 pm
by Drummerskey
Thanks Howard.

I have been experimenting with a few things with the equipment I have and ended up buying a cheap (by my standards) light kit at about $400. Someone suggested bouncing a key off the ceiling and a fill off of a wall based on pictures of the space I provided. I am going to try to play with the lighting a bit, then buy more stuff if I think I need it.

My other idea is a diffused key from above (at angles) with fill and rim on the ground. The drums have so many reflective surfaces that on/off axis becomes pretty hard to define.

If nothing else, I will have more light/lux/lumens in that room which should help the quality of the shot along with helping make the correct camera settings a little cleaner.

I do have a shot that is over the crash at the snare (2 actually) but they are up high. There is a lot of equipment on my set and this goes back to my initial comment of changing my drum setup. It would be a lot easier if I had a 4pc with a ride and 2 crashes. It would make a front shot useful and less clutter to shoot around with the camera. However, it would also remove items I commonly use when I am playing and playing is first, videos are second. I just don't want to put garbage out into the world because I have OCD :)