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Computer-to-computer capture

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 11:59 am
by Olsson
Hello (I'm not a user/owner yet and probably quite lost :)

With Intensity Pro (or other recommended product) could I record video from one PC's HDMI out to an other PC, hosting the Intensity Pro (or similar) hardware?

(I have been trying video capture using software only. But with huge amount of load on the PC -- running both the application that plays video, and at the same time capturing/creating a new video.)

The end goal is to capture the general handling of an application that plays video and audio (1024x576/29.97). To do that, I thought if capturing the PC#1 which is in 1280x720 screen resolution, whilst running the mentioned video application. PC#1 is HDMI-hooked to PC#2's Intensity Pro (or similar) which is capturing in 720p/29.97. (or perhaps higher frame rate would be needed).

For now, I'm not very concerned about details and limitations. I am more concerned if such setup, in general would work.

Anything will help.

Thanks all
Hakan Olsson

Re: Computer-to-computer capture

PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:34 am
by Chris Pearse
Hi Hakan,

It's certainly possible to capture from a computer's graphics card using an Intensity Pro or another of our HDMI capture cards. However the output of the graphics card must be of a broadcast video format. Our cards do not support computer type resolutions such as 1024x768. 720p and 1080i should work OK.

One thing to be aware of however is HDCP encryption. If your computer has this on it's output, it would stop this kind of setup from working.