new Mini Mac, need it to capture Audio / Video into Itunes

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new Mini Mac, need it to capture Audio / Video into Itunes

PostTue Dec 11, 2012 2:40 am

I have a new Mini Mac, i7 quad core, 1TB, 8gig Ram... Mini Mac uses 1080 HD tv as its display. My goal is, to use this Mini Mac to capture recorded video from other sources, specifically:
1) VHS tapes (composite out - RCA)
2) DVD's (composite out - RCA)
3) Directv DVR recorded HD programing, INCLUDING 3d (single HDMI port out, which I assume will need to be split)

My question is, how do I make bring these different sources into itunes on the Mini Mac. I suspect the first two above can be handled by the BlackMagic Video recorder product, as it appears its Composite to USB, which will go into the Mini Mac USB 3.0 port.

But I am unsure what is required for the 3rd item, specially 3d video. Any help on the products required would be much appreciated, as well as software that would be assist to rip direct to Itunes. TYIA

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