Teranex 2D Audio

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Teranex 2D Audio

PostFri Dec 28, 2012 4:47 pm

Looking at the Teranex 2D I don't see anywhere where there can be any audio adjustment sother then the source selection. Does anyone know if you can preform the simple task of adjusting audio levels using the Teranex 2D?



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Re: Teranex 2D Audio levels

PostSat Jan 05, 2013 2:50 pm

I am just in the process of commissioning my first studio project incorporating the Teranex 2D ( Version 1.0 Software ) .

The unit seems to be very good - minor quibbles would be

Audio reference levels need to be adjustable for EBU reference levels of 0dbU analogue audio input equals -18dBfs digital encoding level for embedded output.

At present 0dBu analogue audio ( Balanced input ) encodes to -24dBfs, I am guessing this is American reference levels of +4dBu = -20dBfs

Having test audio tone embedded into one of the Test pattern outputs would be very useful at -20 dBfs or -18 dBfs which could be used to calibrate analogue audio output de-embedders. Ideally the left channel would mute for 1/2 a second every ten seconds to give an ident.

At present the analogue audio gain setup ( +4dBu = -20dBfs ) makes it a bit of a pain to use here in Europe where audio levels are 6dB different each way requiring external equipment to 'fix' this and interface correctly with everything else

thanks Brian

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