Blackmagic Intensity Extreme - low video signal

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Blackmagic Intensity Extreme - low video signal

PostFri Jan 04, 2013 11:48 am


We have recently bought a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme for video recording on a Betacam SP from a iMAC. It is working ok, but we found is that there is a loss of video signal (if we compare to previous recordings made from an DPS Reality Video Board in a PC). We tried the "Calibrate Video Out / Video" option in the Settings Menu, it helps a little bit, but it burns the colors too (like a "solarize" filter). Another issue we found is that the colors are not as vivid as it should be - and we can't calibrate the colors because this option appears grayed out in the settings menu.

Just one information: we are using RCA to BNC connectors since Betacam SP only accepts BNC connections from composite video.

Please, can anybody help us?


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