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Product Suggestion

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Those of you who work for Blackmagic Design will no doubt have noticed that the Intensity Pro (and some of your other products) are gaining popularity with customers who are looking to capture footage from game consoles. It seems you are actively monitoring this market, as you have started to include this capability in your marketing materials online (pictures of games controllers etc).

I am not sure to what degree you monitor the video games industry. It is all but certain that Sony and Microsoft will introduce their new consoles this year (2013). The capabilities of the new consoles will almost certainly allow the average game to be pushing out graphics at 1080p resolution at 60fps. It is possible other games or features could even be rendered at higher resolutions, given the headroom of today's GPUs and the HDMI standard, and the push towards higher PPI displays.

At the moment, capturing 1080p video at 60 frames per second is extremely difficult (read: expensive). There are only one or two companies who make capture cards capable of such a feat, and they tend to only sell their products to the video games industry. One such company is 'Digital Foundry', who sell capture cards to game developers to help them produce marketing materials.

I had a conversation with the CEO of that company, who informed me the main barrier to cost was a combination of not being able to reach enough people, and having to fabricate the custom chips required to capture the HD video.

It seems Blackmagic already has this technology and reach. I believe one of your high-end DeckLink cards can already capture 1080p at 60fps. However, it is extremely expensive and has many features (such as SDI inputs) that no-one capturing game footage is ever likely to need.

So please consider making a new version of the Intensity Pro PCI-E card that can capture 1080p video at 60fps, with a completely lag-free HDMI pass-through (this is important too). You need include no other capabilities – there is no need for SDI inputs, or the ability to deal with obscure tape machines, or even 3D for that matter.

Just please make a 1080p60 PCI capture card at an affordable price. You wouldn't need to update the product for the entire next generation of consoles (approximately 7-10 years). You have no real competition – all the other companies in this market are Russian and Chinese, and turn out shoddy products.

I promise you, you will make an absolute fortune.


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