MacBook Pro + DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K + eGPU

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MacBook Pro + DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K + eGPU

PostFri Sep 29, 2017 8:31 am

Hello all,

I use a 2016 MacBook Pro as my main computer. I am not going to build a separate computer unless I absolutely have to, and I'd like to see if what I'm proposing is possible.

Here is my current setup:
MacBook Pro > OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock > 4K color monitor/2K monitor/speakers/mouse/ethernet/USB

I need to add a DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K to drive my 4K color monitor correctly. Since I'm on a MacBook Pro I'll need a good external PCIe case.

In addition, I'd ALSO like to add an eGPU with a GTX 1080 Ti for added graphics power. I haven't been able to find any enclosures that would support BOTH an eGPU AND the Decklink.

Given my current setup, what would be the best way to do all of this? Are there any external PCIe boxes that feature room for two cards and won't fry either the 1080 or DeckLink? How would I correctly route the signal from computer > dock > eGPU > DeckLink > Monitor? I have 3 remaining Thunderbolt ports available on my computer and don't need to go through the dock, but I'd prefer that route if possible.

I'm not sure I understand how eGPUs work. The 1080 has a whole bunch of outputs. Normally a monitor would be plugged directly into the GFX card on a PC enclosure, right? How could I still get the added gfx power to power my computer AND have the Decklink connect to the monitor?

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