Intensity Shuttle Mac and Media Capture

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Intensity Shuttle Mac and Media Capture

PostFri Jan 12, 2018 8:42 pm

Hi there

I hope you can help me.

Ive been an avid user of the Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt version since it came out, and it has worked perfectly on the MacBook Pro 15inch non retina from 2012.

I have just purchased the following 27 inch Mac:-

4.2ghz Intel Core i7
8Gb DDR4 Ram
Radeon Pro 580 8Gb

Ive been trying to locate Media Capture from your website, and have found a number of different DESKTOP VIDEO applications which I understand contain Media Capture.

Of the three different versions Ive downloaded, when checking under DEVICE, it states no device is connected.

My Intensity is connected via the USBC-Thunderbolt adaptor and into a Elgato Thunderbolt hub.

This has worked in the past direct to Thunderbolt, and there are lights on inside my Intensity Shuttle, but no connection can be found.

Also, Media Capture Preferences are only showing:-

PROJECT VIDEO FORMAT - Native (Progressive)

On the MacBook Pro it shows all the Apple codecs (PRORES etc).

Im a bit stumped, and really need this to work on my new iMac.

Does anyone have any ideas? Unfortunately I cant get back to Media Capture on my MacBook Pro as it had to be reset!

Any help would be most welcome.

Kind regards

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