No activation key

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No activation key

PostSat Mar 17, 2018 12:45 am

Where is the activation key located? I don’t think I received my key.
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Bryan Ray

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PostMon Mar 19, 2018 11:43 pm

It would help if you mentioned what product you're using.
Bryan Ray


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PostFri Sep 06, 2019 1:39 am

I just got De Vinci Studio Resolve and once I finished the installation of the program I faced a screen that said I need an activation key which I was supposed to have recieved with the purchase, however I do not see this and need help in order for me to begin using the editor. I'm not sure how to access this page again so it would be greatly appreciated if I could be contacted. Thank you for your time
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Denny Smith

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Re: No activation key

PostSun Sep 08, 2019 6:53 am

If you got Resolve with a camera, their is a credit card size plastic card with the activation key code on it.
If you just downloaded the program, you need to purchase it from a dealer, who will send you the activation card in the post.
If you got a camera, like the new Pocket Camera 4K/6K and their is no activation card in the box top cover inside one of the folders, then you need to contact your reseller or BMD Support.
Denny Smith
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Wojciech Kita

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Re: No activation key

PostTue Sep 10, 2019 10:11 am

I have a same problem like thanasizerv.
I want to buy this software and go to work but why its so complicated in this comapany? Why not this simple way like: register your company, download software, pay for invoice ... have fun?

I have email from support team:
"Our Support service via phone and email, is only available to users of the paid version of DaVinci, DaVinci Resolve Studio..."
I WANT TO BE USER OF THE PAID VERSION ... but I cant my friends!

Greetings from Poland.


Problem fixed. Thx Paul from Blackmagic for quick email answer and help.
For another guys with this problem:

Find reseller in Your country and there buy license with a key.
On Blackmagic homepage (bottom) You will find Support - Reseller. All what You need.


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