Battery chargers for LPE6

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Battery chargers for LPE6

PostSun Feb 17, 2019 1:23 am

I was looking for cheaper options so I could buy a bunch of batteries. I have the one that came with the BMPCC4K, and 4 additional pro master LPE6 batteries. I thought about possibly buying two ACTUAL Canon batteries as well.

So, about the chargers, I was looking at those as well. And on more than one, the reviews said it is not compatible with actual Canon batteries. Only third-party stuff.

Is there a dual battery charger out there that can charge all of the batteries I include Canon batteries (if I end up buying them)? Affordable.
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Re: Battery chargers for LPE6

PostTue Feb 19, 2019 12:59 am

I have LP-E6 batteries from many manufacturers but I have to admit that I only charge my Canon batteries using Canon chargers. Call it a touch of paranoia but that's how I treat them. I did get a "Canon" battery and charger from ebay and while some suspect that it's a knock-off I haven't had any issues with it and I can use that charger on my Canon batteries that came with my 80D with no problems.

I have Wasabi, RavPower, and STK. They seem better than the battery that came with my BMPCC4k. My RavPower (brand new) lasts longer than my genuine Canon (few years old).
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Re: Battery chargers for LPE6

PostSun May 12, 2019 5:58 pm

Old thread I know, but I figured I'd add to this rather than creating a new thread.

A warning about the expensive Canon LC-E6 Chargers or perhaps about the Blackmagic batteries - which ever actually depends upon how you read this.

I just bought the Pocket 4K, and two additional OEM Canon LP-E6N batteries, and the over priced ($55) OEM Canon LC-E6 charger figuring it would be the best technology. Unfortunately the OEM Canon charger refuses to charge the Blackmagic battery that comes with the BMPCC 4K - so much for "better" technology.

I called B&H about it, and they confirmed this was normal with the Canon L6-E6 charger - they claim it works fine with Canon batteries, and with their Watson branded batteries, but not with many other 3rd party batteries.

The division between which batteries work and which don't may follow the same division between batteries in the BMPCC 4K that report their percentage capacity left (the Canon, and apparently the Watson batteries too) and batteries that don't (i.e. the one that ships with the camera which provide very limited capacity information on the camera display)

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