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Client System Design

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I have some questions pertaining to a client system I am designing.
Right now they have a video camera they use for presentations, and are using a analog system including an rf modulator to distribute video over RG6 coax to 7 TV's.

I am upgrading them to a High Defintion system.I want to distribute a signal from an HD-SDI 1080P video camera over the RG6 to an HD-SDI distribution amplifier, then send 7 of the HDSDI signals over the RG6 to the high definition TV's, and convert it at each TV to HDMI.
I also want to take one output from the HDSDI distribution amplifier and send it to the blackmagic pro H.264 HD Video Recorder/Convertor.

They also want to be able to record using the black magic pro video/recorder on a laptop, and have the ability to play the recorded files when they want through the distribution system.

Which of your products will work best for this?

It is my understanding I will need the following:
1) Mini Converter SDI Distribution 1 in 8 out
2) Black magic pro video/recorder

I will also need a product that will convert my laptop output from HDMI TO HDSDI and allow me to switch between the laptop output and the hdsdi camera on the Mini Converter SDI distribution amplifiers input.

Any help would be appreciated!


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